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G grade 12 gauge 30" Damascus barrels

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Uncle Danny Boy

PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2009 3:34 pm    Post subject: G grade 12 gauge 30" Damascus barrels Reply with quote

Barrels also have letter 2 in large case stamped on the right barrel flat- no markings on rib. Serial number is 24637. Galazan choke gauge shows Full and Full- will gauge chambers later- My guess- mid 1890's production gun. Stock was shortened to LOP of 13" from the right barrel trigger, with a Herter's plactic buttplate, but has the original black "escalloped" grip cap with screw in center. Removal of the grip cap shows serial number and grade "G" stamped thereon.
Checkering on pg is worn off, ditto on the splinter forearm, but black center medallion and front metal tip are intact. My first "Uncle Dan" LeFever- a project gun. Now- I noticed a minor glitch. With the forearm on, when I dry fire it with snap caps, and open the action, both cocking indicators pop out- but when I close it, the left hand barrel indicator goes back flush to the sideplate, and when you release the safety slide, the rear trigger is "limp" .

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2009 6:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Aunt Danny;
Does the indicator go down as you close the gun, or does it "Snap" as it closes. If I am following you correctly I am think it goes down while closing. This sounds like the left hammer is not being caught by the sear. With the forend off you are being able to lift the cocking hook just enough higher for it to catch. To my thinking this would likely indicate a chipped sear or hammer notch. You will need to have this looked at by someone knowledgable on these parts as even when it does catch you may well have a situation in which it would jar off rather easy. There is not much else I can think of in which it would matter whether the forend were on or off. The bbl of course has to be held forward into the hinge to get it to cock at all with forend off, rather than dis-engaging.
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Uncle Danny Boy

PostPosted: Sat Feb 21, 2009 4:14 pm    Post subject: My G Grade 12 bore Reply with quote

Problem solved. Removed extractor and cocking hook, to "ring the barrels" and to clean out any "gunk". On another gun auction site, saw a H 12 LeFever- fotos were good-showed the same forearm style as on my G Grade- noticed that the "flat" on the set screw on that gun was facing toward the muzzles, assuming the gun was assembled. I checked that adjustment on mine, as opening the gun cocked both hammers, and mine had the flat section facing toward the breech- so I turned it 180 degrees, like the foto of the one I saw for sale- and BINGO- works perfectly- albiet with snap caps and dry firing. PS 3/4/09 took it out to gun range today and test fired it with AA lite loads- fucntions perfectly, shoots to POI both barrels- Right barrel about Mod- and Left about Full at 35 tin patterning sheets- trigger pulls, safety fucntion, extraction-and at 7 lbs. very nice handling- Uncle Dan was a design genius--
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