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Serial number and Gun Inqiuries

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2010 5:23 am    Post subject: Serial number and Gun Inqiuries Reply with quote

As result of some recent miscommunication issues the Lefever Arms Collectors Association would like to make things clear to those who request information from us about specific guns.

There are no factory records left from any of Dan Lefever's operations. Therefore, the records we have are the ressult of individuals collecting data they have found through various sources. No single individual has all of the data and the LACA itself does not maintain a data base. We do know who collects data and generally refer inquiries through them. Some would like to remain anonymous.

There are a number of fraudulent guns out there. For example we know of only 45 genuine Optimus Guns, but we also know of at least 5 forgeries on the market. I have personally seen a very fine looking Opitimus with an asking price of $60,000 that came out of the Lefever factory as an H grade. Thats a lot of dollars to put up, and then to find out its a fake would break any collector's heart.

To help protect collectors the LACA will do whatever we can to verify the authenticity of any gun. If you look back through this forum you will see efforts made to verify an individual gun. Sometime you mat see this as contentiuos, but in the end the trutth came out.

However, those who would produce the fraudent guns have us at a slight advantage. Since the factory records are not available there are empty numbers on any list of serial numbers. Through seroius research and other means we can sometimes, but not always, sort out a gun that does not fit the pattern. In the above cited case we were able to identify a low grade gun that had been "upgraded".

The LACA welcomes, and as a matter of fact encourages, anybody considering the purchase of a high grade Lefever to authenticate the gun through us. We will make every effort to make sure that what you are buying is what it is supposed to be, One of my great fears is having the new owner of a fake Optimus show up at a gun show with his trophy in hand and have the "experts" look about in a manner as to say "what do we say to this sucker?".

That being said what we won't do:

Furnish serial numbers for completion. Example:"I saw serial number 567xx, what information do you have in that range?"

We will not provide information to individuals who refuse to identify themselves. Call yourself whatever you want on the forums. If you don't want to tell us who you are, why should we give you any information?

If you are inquiring about a gun being sold by a dealer, please identify the dealer. Most are relatively honest, a few are very honest, a few are crooks. We know who they are for the most part.

As with everything information in yields information out. An inquiry about a gun that gives us nothing but Lefever serial number 456xx" gives us very little to wok with.

We get a lot of inquiries as to "How much is my gun worth?". We are again happy to help as far as we can. These are collectible .The value is based on what someone would pay you at the time you are selling. Its a supply and demand situation. You can refer to the " Blue Book' of gun pricing , but be off by over 100% because the current market is either flooded or starved for what you are selling.

If you are trying to sell a gun, we will try to give you current market values and even set you up with potential buyers. If you are looking for an appraisal of a gun for insurance purposes, the LACA dose not claim any legal standing in appraisals. However, when legal issues do come up with insurance companies the first place they look for advice is us. An inquiry to the LACA that does not include a request to look for a seller is held in confidence. You will not be bothered with requests to sell, unless you want to be.

You can contact the Lefever Arms Collectors Association at:

Dr Bob Decker
Great-Great Grandson of D.M. Lefever
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