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Small hook Lefever/ cams for extractor?

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 29, 2015 10:13 pm    Post subject: Small hook Lefever/ cams for extractor? Reply with quote

Miller, thanks for bringing me back to our discussions of extractors, frame cross pin & ejector and/or extractor cams in the barrel lug. In your discussion
of the small hook gun with the extractor cams in the barrel lug, with the cams bearing against the frame cross pin upon opening the barrels & activating the extractor arms located under the barrel/ lug channel? If this is a correct description, then this sounds to me to be a forerunner of the in - frame ejection system in earlier two-hook cocker & later large-hook ejectors? This is more or less speculation on my part and my hands on ejector system in my 1895 F grade. As I said this was a transitional gun exhibiting a two-hook cocker, frame cross pin, with cams pinned in the forward barrel lug that were activated by the kickers that were superimposed just above the frame pin and kicked upward into the cams which impinge upon the slots in the extractor/ ejection rods in the barrel grove/ lugs. Now to go further, on my gun there is a 3-32" pin/rod that extends on the front edge of said extractor/ ejector rods that impinges against a cam pin located on the forearm iron and pushes
these rods backwards extracting unfired shell on pivoting the barrels open when the gun has not been fired! Now as we both know on the later large hook cockers a cam is machined on the top edge of the hook that corresponds to slots in the extractor/ ejector rods in the barrel grove that not only serve as an extraction of unfired shells on opening the gun, but also begins prying fired shell or shells as gun is begun to be opened, loosening them somewhat an taking some of the pressure off of the ejector kickers and cams when the kickers are later in further opening the gun, released from the hammer hook actuating the main spring to drive the kickers upward into the cams which in turn fires the ejectors thus ejecting fired shells... The system is quite ingenious and functions much easier than the above explanation!
Finally, I have read in LACA newsletter that there were a number (3 or 4) variations of the earlier pivot lever guns? Was there a transitional period of pivot systems leading to final improved version and if so what serial # range did this period encompass? Also, would you know we're the pivot lever guns mostly combined with the rod push cockers or later two-hook cockers? Any info and serial number periods for same would be much appreciated. Or possibly what patent information is out there and can it be obtained?
Thanks Miller and any info you can shed on the above would be greatly appreciated?
PS: if you have any questions about my observation of the extractor/ ejectors or more input please let me know?
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